Elsa Vest – Patchwork Suzani – No. 122

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Elsa Vest features a cool statement vest that comes with a detachable belt for a more feminine shape. The vest has wide shoulders, side seam pockets and a wide collar. Elsa Vest – Patchwork Suzani is made in a unique blend of patchwork blankets with Suzani embroidery. The vest is lined with 100% organic cotton.

The name Suzani comes from the Persian word “Suzan,” which means needle. The Indian version of the Suzani embroidery is made by chain stitching, done with an instrument called a tambour, which is a hooked needle. As a part of our Blanket Wear collection this jacket is embroidered by hand – “No machines -only human creations.”


  • Chest: 100 cm
  • Full length: 66 cm