Retinol Night Serum Stick

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A solid night treatment balm powered with Retinol, Bakuchiol, and Licorice effectively help fading away dark spots and hyperpigmentation while smoothing the look of wrinkles.

Bakushiol Oil: 

Is the first natural alternative to retinol.  Bakushiol stimulates Collagen and is clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of ageing including dryness, fine lines and wrinkles and it improves skin tone, elasticity and firmness while increasing radiance and brightness.


It delivers age-defying and antioxidants mechanisms.  It brightens dull skin and helps lighten hyperpigmentation to even the complexion.

Buriti Oil:

It is the richest source of natural Beta-carotene (Vitamin A) found in nature.  Buriti Oil boosts collagen production, and cell turnover, as well as fade pigmentation.


Offers skin lightening and anti ageing benefits.



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